2019 is Here and What’s New?

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Well 2018 is out and 2019 is in and I realise that it’s been ages since my last post. Well firstly I have been spending more time with my new pet project and that is sports trading on the betting exchanges. However there was still a lot of poker played in 2018 although not as much as in previous years. The total yearly profit was £36,811 which was totally from live cash games with the odd few grand from online play.

The total number of hours played was 711 which made the hourly rate £51.11 for the year. This has been higher than previous years but I kind of got the feeling that I ran well overall for the year so no complaints. Unfortunately that only equates to just over 13 hours per week which is really poor for me but as I said, I have had a serious trading project on the go since March.

The SNIPER program is in full swing and I am pleased to announce that Jason Markham will be working with me this year on a full time mentor/student basis after enrolling on the basic SNIPER program in 2017. There will be a lot more poker played this year than last even though I have yet to get started this year after the festive season. However that went down badly after I had a bad cold and a stomach bug on top so no Christmas worth mentioning really. As for the late start to the year, I have to say that I couldn’t be motivated to start playing poker but have kicked out of that idle habit this week hence why I will be posting more.

Anyway…..stay healthy and get crushing those live games.

Carl at sharkpooldean@yahoo.co.uk

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Back in the Saddle

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Its been a while since my last post but getting back in the saddle after a hectic summer of the World Cup, vacations, illness, the WSOP and playing more live poker. I know I should have posted but that’s just how it has been. So what has been happening? Well on the poker front, not a lot although this past couple of weeks I have returned to playing live cash again in Sheffield, Leeds and Nottingham.

Been a good couple of weeks and am around £1700 up but that’s pretty par for the course considering the hours I have put in….not really anything special after around 60 hours of play.

This year and into 2019, I want to expand my SNIPER business and so am looking for people who are looking to speculate in the poker business with a professional player. I will be posting some live hands soon to show FERN/WOM and the full power of the SNIPER in action.

See you very soon


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The Rise of the SNIPER on 888poker

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The past year has been amazing in more ways than one. Firstly it has been music to my ears to see an ever increasing number of poker sites convert to anonymous poker tables. This allows the SNIPER system to be EVEN more effective. I was watching a cash game video on Youtube the other day when the winner of the 2000 Poker Million John Duthie referred to another player as a “class act”.

Now I know neither of them personally but in my book a “class act” in poker is a player that not only makes money over a very long period of time but also keeps it….THAT is the ONLY “class act” in poker. Poker is about money management and accumulation of wealth and nothing else.

It isn’t about sexy play, body language tells or anything else. The “tells” are in the data feed given to you by your opponents expressed in heuristics using Bayes Theorem as a foundation. Some of the people that now work with me are making £1000-£2000 per week and good luck to them but they have all learned to do one thing since working with me…..TO THINK AND ACT DIFFERENTLY TO THE MASSES.


Played first SNIPER session for while this morning and won $577 in just under 2 hours on 888poker. 

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Work with a Full Time Poker Professional

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Do you want a second income or a change of direction? Are you looking for something a little more exciting? If so and you are looking for ways to earn good money then I am looking for people to work with me in several capacities.

I am not just looking for people to be trained up to be professional level poker players but also to help me grow my poker stable and business.

I have places available for people to come on board and be trained up and to work with me on a part or full time basis. If you have a work ethic, some spare time per week and a desire for thought provoking exciting change then please contact me in the first instance at sharkpooldean@yahoo.co.uk


The financial rewards are considerable for people who share my vision and goals and who want to do something different with their lives. Hope to hear from you.

Carl “The Dean” Sampson – Jan 24th 2018

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Welcome to 2018

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2017 was a great year for SNIPER but I expect 2018 to be even better. The reverse engineering of SNIPER in 2017 was ground breaking. So much so that I am looking for numerous people to help me expand the business both as prospective professional poker players and business partners.

So anyone that is looking for a change of direction in 2018 and is maybe looking for a career with a difference is free to contact me at Sharkpooldean@yahoo.co.uk in the first instance.

I am looking for people with a passion for poker/gambling and who are looking to earn a second or main income from something a little different.

On the poker side of things, 2017 was eventful to say the least. I was road testing the reverse engineered SNIPER in Omaha and ended playing at stake levels that I didn’t even imagine at the beginning of 2017. But I myself was staked and things worked out very well despite dropping $417,000 in late November and early December. The year was still very profitable and I learned an awful lot too.

So lets get 2018 up and running shall we

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Learn HOW SNIPER CRUSHES Lazy Poker Players

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Do you want to know what the NUMBER ONE enemy of any poker player is? It really makes NO DIFFERENCE whether or not these players have been coached and by whom. The number one weakness of a poker player is LAZYNESS and LETHARGY! The better players believe in their own mind that they don’t have this problem simply because they make money.


Do you take the automatic pilot route in  a hand without thinking it through simply because your hand is junk?? I know you do this….so did I for years! Do you make automatic calls or folds or actions made without thinking through the complexities? Of course you do!

When you play cash games, can you honestly say that you focus ALL THE TIME! If you answered YES then I would say that you were either a LIAR or INHUMAN! SNIPER along with my UNIQUE FERN/WOM system exploits and crushes lethargic thinking and PREVENTS us from doing the same thing.

LIBRATUS proved impossible to beat for top human players. FERN/WOM create an equally powerful “artificial” intelligence.


Because the numbers tell us what to do and when and that is the absolute genius of the system.

We could be totally zoned out of the game and it makes NO DIFFERENCE! An opponent makes a weak bluff and we re-bluff all-in…the numbers tell us to do that! Had the opponent been focused, they would have check-raised us all-in or pushed or check-folded. This is the POWER of FERN/WOM.


If you want to be part of something radical and revolutionary and want to join my SNIPER stable then contact me at sharkpooldean@yahoo.co.uk

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The Future of Poker is Strategic Vision

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Being the keen chess player I am (master strength), I am all too aware of how Chess Grandmasters use strategic vision to not only gain an edge on the chessboard but to stay finding those edges long into the future. Online poker especially became tougher years ago but that was merely because everybody was playing the same way and being coached in the same way.

When I bring new students on board, they are coached in HOW TO MAKE MONEY…not HOW TO BECOME BETTER POKER PLAYERS.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY MUST COME FIRST!!!!! Becoming a better poker player is simply a derivative of the other. The mistake that players make is by getting this the WRONG way round. They set out to become better poker players with no strategic vision or long term plan.

So they fall foul of the tougher online climate and can’t make money because they have no strategy in place. Players that come into my stable are SHOWN how to turn their skills into money. It is THE ONLY WAY! So anyone that wants further details or who wants to work with me on a professional basis then please contact me at sharkpooldean@yahoo.co.uk

The Dean

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Back with a Bang!!!!

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Apologies for the long delay in posting. Unfortunately I have been somewhat busy both playing poker and working on my stable. As you can imagine this is very time consuming and doesn’t leave an awful lot of time for other things. I have been playing a ton of PLO online recently and things have gone very well after a shaky start of sorts.

The yearly report is due and its been a great year for me. I am up a grand total of $186,114. The bulk of that has come in highstakes PLO and so yes I could very well be on the right side of variance but who cares lol

I was staked into the games by a professional colleague who I was fortunate enough to meet. He is now in Macau after having had a good year himself. I might even get to Las Vegas next year for the series but my poker stable and coaching is now getting very busy.

I am taking some time off over Christmas and will be going to Berlin in the middle of the month….so Pokersharkpool is now back up and running with a vengeance and so see you all VERY SOON!

“The Dean” – December 2017

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The SNIPER vs 5 Russians

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I almost didn’t sit in this afternoon $2-$4 game on 888 a few weeks back when it had 3 players from Russia and 2 from Ukraine. The following hand came up after around 20 minutes with me “Spruce28” on the button. FULL ANALYSIS ON MY NEXT BLOG!

Hand Information

Blind: $2/ $4
Hand History converter courtesy of pokerhandreplays.com


Table Information
Seat1: kamski ($583) Small Blind
Seat3: seat 3 ($197) Big Blind
Seat5: seat 5 ($404)
Seat6: seat 6 ($615)
Seat8: seat 8 ($511)
Seat10: spruce28 ($464) Dealer
Dealt to spruce28


Preflop (Pot:6)
seat 5 FOLD  
seat 6 FOLD  
seat 8 FOLD  
spruce28 RAISE   $10
kamski RAISE   $28
seat 3 FOLD  
spruce28 CALL  
Flop  (Pot: $72)
kamski CHECK  
spruce28 CHECK  
Turn  (Pot: $72.00)
kamski CHECK  
spruce28 BET   $25
kamski RAISE   $75
spruce28 ALL-IN   $401
kamski FOLD  




spruce28  MUCKS
spruce28   wins the pot: $573
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BIG BIG BIG APOLOGIES to regular readers of the blog. There have been a few changes since my last post in March. Firstly I had to change domains due to a technical issue and the site is now Pokersharkpool.co.uk and not Pokersharkpool.com. All of my students know about the transition and the change of ownership problems.

Since March I have been extremely active playing live cash games but I have also been playing online at $2-$4 and $3-$6. Where that has been is classified and the reasons for that will only become known to players who enrol in SNIPER. Suffice it to say that my hourly rate has been nothing short of astounding and the best of my career.

SNIPER Sees Action for the FIRST TIME

The hard part has not been posting on Pokersharkpool on a regular basis and some readers may be forgiven for thinking that I had taken leave or had fallen out with poker….NO CHANCE.

The SNIPER has been TOTALLY TRANSFORMED after working with a couple of industry pro’s. One I can name and the other I can’t. Jack Leishman has been pivotal to how I have re-designed SNIPER to not only play in mid-stakes games but also to beat them for a good clip.

Anyone that desires further details then simply drop me a line at sharkpooldean@yahoo.co.uk

See Carl on 888poker

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