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Project Poker Pro: The Path to Professional Level Poker

sta_pic_0By Carl “The Dean” Sampson

Around four years ago I devised a coaching and staking business project that excited me greatly. This was a project where I coached and then staked 50 poker enthusiasts of all different skill levels into being successful poker players and then going into partnership with me as it were on an ongoing basis. The process of turning “pro” or simply making money in online or live poker is one that lasts several stages.

It all started really after I watched a CardRunners video by Brian Townsend where he said that for players to be successful in poker then they had to take responsibility for their decisions.

The Home of the SNIPER

I had already gone down this path when I decided to play poker for a living. Now I want to give others the chance to join me and go down this path too if they choose to, and have the desire to change their lives.

Are You Ready to Decide?

If a player can learn some high quality poker theory that the majority of their opponents are not using and get some excellent coaching, they actually stand a great chance of making money. The caveat being as long as their ego doesn’t get in the way.

Now there are a lot of coaches out there and coaching platforms and so my task as it were was to bring something substantial and different to the table. I am proud to say that I have done that and I will get to the “why” part later in next months’ article.

CCF11062016_PPE COV

My goal is to build a successful stable of profitable poker players. This is why I am looking for 50 (reduced from 100 due to time factor) enthusiastic and determined poker players to join me in this business project.

Only passionate poker loving individuals need apply or people with a strong desire to not just improve their poker game, but to work alongside a professional player and coach on an ongoing basis.

Project Poker Pro was an idea that I had back in 2010 that never initially took off the ground. I was originally inspired by Dusty Schmidt who won SEVERAL MILLION playing online poker.

I had the idea and I knew what I wanted to coach and teach. I was struggling time wise to fit everything in and get everything finalised that I wanted to tell the student because of other poker commitments……until now that is!

The SNIPER System

I have a system of playing poker that I have called “Sniper”. Its philosophies and strategies are present inside this coaching and staking deal. I wouldn’t go as far as to call them unique, but they are certainly different to anything else that I have seen out there in terms of how the concepts and strategies are instilled into the student AND how quickly a student can start take on VERY GOOD opponents at high levels.


I Wanted to Design a System That Worked in Live Games as Well as Online

My original goal was to coach 100 people in 2010 into being successful money making poker players.

These players were to be coached in the methods that I used in NLHE cash games up to the $100 levels online (the Sniper system is used between $25 and $100 online cash game levels) and up to $400 levels live.

The Sniper program is the bedrock of Project Poker Pro and it essentially “programs” players in the methods that I use. However, that is only part of Project Poker Pro but it is the most important part.

The second part is the permanent ongoing 24/7 back up that I give to students that want to come on board and are serious enough to take the leap…. so we essentially work as a team. Players and students will be in constant contact with me if they need me to answer anything that they don’t understand. It is the second part that will really quantum leap your game to be on a level with top class opposition.

CCF1106062016_OPP COV

The third part of Project Poker Pro is where I stake students with a bankroll of $500 to $2000 (for online play); depending on what level they are playing at!

This will allow the student to play without financial risk and so essentially, I will be putting a possible $100k of my own money at risk and my reputation on the line as not just a poker pro, poker writer and author but as a poker coach as well.

For people reading about me for the very first time then it would help matters tremendously if I explained a little about my history. I worked as a croupier some years ago and then left that job and worked briefly as a financial consultant…….another job that I quickly came to despise.

I started playing online limit hold’em. In 2005 I was playing full time poker both live and online. I made a good living in 2005 when the online games were soft. Limit poker was becoming very tough to make a living at by that stage and most of the middle stakes games were becoming full with tough regs. So I had to learn a new game and NLHE seemed the way forward.

The years 2006 and 2007 were decent years but it was evident that the UIGEA would take effect and that my game had to improve.


Get Good at Poker or Give Up on Making Money

By 2008 I was well versed in NLHE and came back strong. I was still adamant not to stand still and kept on improving my game and tweaking my style.

I had also been significantly staked in 2006-2007 and played at some very high levels by comparison to what I play and coach today. I never really made great money as I don’t think my mental state at that time was strong enough to handle entirely normal six figure swings.

After a long and scary period where I dropped $100k of my backers’ money in $25-$50 cash games, I then decided to drop out of poker after I got that money back and continue my studies for six months.

I ran well and was fortunate that I did get that money back. It was becoming clear that the longevity in playing high stakes poker wasn’t going to be a lasting one because the online high-stakes and mid-stakes games were clearly getting very tough and would only get tougher. I needed a new system and a new way of playing and SNIPER was devised in full in 2014.


I have since learned how to improve my multi-tabling skills and became a much better NLHE player both live and online.

However, the key wasn’t to move back up anymore but to use that knowledge to make consistent money at much lower levels and then to eventually coach my style to others…….in short to substitute higher stake levels with higher volume or play in the far softer live games.

In fact it was this philosophy and outlook that stirred me into commencing my $100,000 bankroll challenge a few years ago. This was where I set out to prove that with just a starting bankroll of $100, I could turn that into $100,000 through careful systematic play and good money management.

This was done in conjunction with my work with online poker sites Cake Poker, Pokerheaven, PokerLoco and ultimately 888poker who I have worked with in various capacities. I also worked Poker Pro Europe and Online Poker Pro magazines where I recorded and wrote about my progress every month. In fact you can read about this challenge on the relevant section on this very site.


Happy Days at Poker Pro Europe

This overall philosophy worked and I have never looked back since. These days I play levels up to $1000 buy-ins either online or in live games. In 2007 I began writing poker articles for The Hendon Mob of which you can see over 100 of them on that site alone at

Since then, I appeared for many years in the WPT poker magazine, Bluff Europe poker magazine, Player Ireland poker magazine and a whole host of poker and gambling related websites discussing modern poker theory.

I started writing for Poker Pro Europe and Online Poker Pro in around 2006 or so thanks to their editor Johnny Wenzel. Johnny asked me to join the magazine simply because he knew that I wanted to become a writer and he needed a pro player who could produce technical poker content.

My real passion though of late is to coach and stake. I want to experience the thrill of seeing players make money by following my methods and building an ongoing stable of players.

Come and Join the Journey

So there is my history for those of you that are not aware. It is at this stage that I want to thank Johnny for allowing me to discuss this project inside his magazine. The title of the magazine fit in perfectly with the project but the next question is how do you sign up?


One Ambition of Mine is to Take SNIPER to Las Vegas

I will listen to everyone. I will give anyone a chance but they have to prove themselves. If you are not prepared to put some work in then you will increase your chances of failing.

Then you waste your own time along with mine and if I am not careful… money.

There will be an outlay of both time and money on your part for anyone that wishes to come on board but in my opinion, it is this that separates the players that will be successful from the ones that are not.

Once again though, I will state that the bedrock of the project is the Sniper program! A series of carefully orchestrated poker lessons that covers how I play NLHE cash games at the levels that are pertinent to the student (that is vital) and how to play professional level poker!


My Goal of Late Has Been to Take SNIPER into Live Games and the Current Earn Rate is EXCEPTIONAL

It reveals how to take a player from a relative novice or who is at the intermediate level albeit with potential, to a player that can play professionally.

I will space these course lessons out so that the student isn’t swamped with data so they will be able to absorb it at a faster rate.

Then after the course is completed, each player will undertake an assessment by way of Skype chat and session analysis in which I will analyse their game and how well they have taken the principles and the data on board.

Total Flexibility is the Key

That is phase 2 of the project but I am sure that many people will feel that they want to go it alone after learning Sniper……I have no problem with that. If people have their own funding in place then I will wish them the very best of luck and they will go with my best wishes.


I Love the Song “I Want To Break Free” by Queen Because it Kind of Reminds Me of How I Once Felt

I do not lock anyone into the program and there is full flexibility for anyone that comes on board.

If players can afford their own bankroll and feel that there is no need to pay a split of their winnings to a coach, then that is their choice.

Many players will drop out after phase 1 and I am certain of that because they will see what Sniper does and feel that they are ready.

However poker is a constantly evolving game and in my past experience, it pays in the long term not to try to go it alone when it comes to playing poker for money. Phase 2 is VITAL and shouldn’t be skipped because it is PHASE 2 that will really have you “soaring with Eagles”.

Being part of a think tank and a team along with working with industry pros’ is something that I wish would have happened to me years ago instead. The end result would have been totally different than me spending several thousand dollars on books and software that didn’t really advance my game or understanding or at the very least…..didn’t do it fast enough.

If You Choose to Do It….I Want to Work With You

So if you think you fancy giving Project Poker Pro a go, and you want to try to become a poker pro or just simply a successful profitable player and you fit the bill in terms of desire, then feel free to contact me.


Casino Games With an House Edge Won’t Get You Rich….but Poker JUST MIGHT!

However, total novices need not apply as I don’t have the time to coach people in how a flush beats two pair.

Just to finish off, I will not be promoting this massively outside of this magazine and so don’t feel that you don’t have a chance to be one of the 50.

Look out for more data on this project next month where I will be answering some very searching questions on it. See Here.

pica-761860_960_720sta_pic_0Carl “The Dean” Sampson is a poker pro at and the resident poker expert at 777poker…contact Carl at to ask about SNIPER and Project Poker Pro