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By Carl “The Dean” Sampsonsta_pic_0

Last month saw me write my first article on Project Poker Pro. What I didn’t mention at the time was that the 40 Sniper lessons were still in a transitional state and were not quite finished…..well now they are.

A total of 40 lessons on everything that I feel is relevant in beating NLHE online and live cash games between the $25 to $1000 levels online and up to $1000 levels in live play. These lessons form part of my Project Poker Pro poker course to take a player to understanding professional level poker.


The SNIPER is Doing Well in Live Games

The key word there is “relevant”…….to make it as a successful player these days involves reducing the amount of “voices” to an acceptable level so that the advice sticks and can be recited in the heat of battle.   

This is critical, so all those poker books and coaching videos with all those different authors and coaches and numerous voices, can now be condensed into one big voice.

The Sniper program is INTENSIVE but then it needs to be because there is one ultimate objective that needs to be reached above all others. THIS is to change the mindset of the student.

Could I have condensed it? Sure, but that would have been short changing people and no poker coach in the world can be said to be doing their job properly if they haven’t altered a players mindset from either losing or non-winning ways.

Fundamentally this is why the overwhelming majority of players fail after taking on conventional coaching. Their mindset hasn’t changed and all they have picked up, are a few tips and tactics or they are told to reproduce tactics and strategy that everyone else is doing.

SNIPER Puts You in the Money

For a coach to perform to an optimal level then in my opinion, the future success of the student has to have an impact on the coach as well.

This is why my program is a joint coaching and staking deal that if the student so chooses, is permanent and on-going…….so the bottom line is that if I cut corners then I lose out and that is how it should be.


Come on Board With Me if You Are WILLING to do So

So I want to base this month’s article as a sort of question and answer type session on the things that I feel people would ask before signing up. I won’t be going easy on myself with the questions either.

There are a lot of great coaching sites out there……what makes you better?

What a great question to start with. Firstly, I am not going to stand here and call myself better……just different that’s all. Coaching sites are great for learning…..hey….I joined CardRunners years ago. That really helped my game immensely and the cash game coaches on Deuces Cracked are very good.


I Always Strive to be DIFFERENT…That’s Where the Edge is

These two sites taught me to look at equity in a totally different way and how to go into great depth on the subject of ranges and the importance of them.

It would be safe to say that CR and DC quantum leaped my game and I advise anyone to give them a try if they haven’t already.

However, coaches are like authors and poker players…..some are good and some are not so good. In terms of passing on advice to their viewers, I find myself disagreeing strongly with instructors a lot of the time.

There are several reasons for this. One big flaw in how some instructors operate is that they often “back fit” their coaching videos. This means that they only use the best sessions and then add the commentary on afterwards.


No “Back Fitting” of Poker Hands to Look Good

This often makes them look like poker geniuses when you know what the result of a hand is going to be and then do the commentary afterwards. You then have the opportunity to add the “reason “for the line that you took.

My searching question is what these guys were actually doing when the hand was being played live and what they were thinking at that stage?

Also, some of the coaching is too technical for the demographic of the players that view them…..meaning that it simply isn’t possible to take the concepts into battle within a speeded up environment like online poker.

Another issue that I have with instructors on many coaching sites is that their ranges are too wide. This may work for someone with a lot of experience and several hundred thousand hands behind them or even several million, but this is going to be harder to pass on to a student.

CCF1106062016_OPP COV

The Best in the World Like Tom Dwan Play Differently and Think Outside the Box

Many players simply look to blindly emulate online instructors because they think that just because an instructor says so then it must be right.

Coaching sites are great vehicles for learning and improving your game just like PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager are great analysis tools. However, they both have to be used with caution and care and a little sophistication.

There is great poker material on these sites. I thoroughly recommend Deuces Cracked for cash. However, the strike rate for players that enrol on these sites that then go on to be profitable players isn’t as high as many people think. Success is far from being automatic.

My style and approach has many advantages. I am coaching material that is geared to only one demographic of player. The material also comes from a coach that isn’t playing levels that are any different to what they are coaching. Neither am I picking and choosing what video sessions to show the student based on carefully selected results.

Read The Dean in Bluff Europe Magazine

For people that want to come on board with the program, they will notice one thing with the pricing structure……it is very cheap relative to the value that my business partners get from the program.

This is because this is my way of OVER DELIVERING to the student and anyone that wishes to work with me. I make sure that people don’t just get value for money…..they get MASSIVE value for money and I am a big believer in this.

In fact so much so that one of my favourite quotes is “one cannot enrich your own life without first enriching the lives of others”.

I simply not only have to deliver but I actively WANT to deliver in a massive way. This leads to the people that work with me not only feeling hugely fulfilled and that they made the correct decision, but will then have no hesitance in recommending me to others who would like to come on board……this has always been my way.

Why does a supposedly successful player coach, if they can make money playing poker?

I hear this an awful lot and it is actually a common question and a valid one. Behind it are such generalisations as “those that can’t do…….teach”. In poker then this statement is utter rubbish! In fact it is a generalisation and anybody who knows me also knows that I loathe generalisations. These are commonly held beliefs shared by millions that only have grounding because you have heard them from somewhere else.


Break Free From Generalisations and Conventional Thinking

If a poker pro could make say $100/hour as a player and $30/hour as a coach, there would be no need or incentive for that matter to coach.

However, what if the situation were reversed and they could make $100/hour as a coach and $30/hour as a player? Suddenly a successful player going into coaching is a no brainer and a move that anybody would make.

It is simply to do with earning potential in both areas. Alternatively, what if a coach could make $100/hr playing poker but could only do so for 5/hrs per week based on a lack of available action? They would possibly need alternate coaching income to fill the other 35 hours?

Coaching income has no variance and that is a huge incentive for any pro.

Also coaching and playing poker offer a nice balance to a working week instead of constant playing and grinding. The overwhelming majority of successful players can make more as a coach on a per hour basis than they can as a player and $100-$150/hour as a coach are common fees.


The SNIPER uses Stock Trading Principles to Gain an Edge

This is why the Sniper program is such fantastic value even if I do say so myself. This is because it vastly reduces costs while at the same time allowing the student to permanently work with a poker pro and coach. So coaching when you understand it, is a simple move for many professional and semi-professional players.

How much will I be staked for and what percentage will you take?

The amount that you will be staked for will be relevant to how well you have absorbed the data and at what pricing level you choose. At the end of the day I am coaching you in my methods and nobody else’s.

I cannot be sure that you will make me money using somebody else’s methods. I am coaching players between three levels which are NL25 through NL50 and up to NL100 online. Sniper also applies to up to $400 levels when used in live games!

I will stake players to the tune of 20 buy-ins at each online level. So if I feel that you can only play NL25, then the staking will be $500 given to you in increments………if it is NL100 then it will be $2000. With the greatest respect to anyone that applies, there are a lot of dishonest people out there and so please don’t expect to apply and then be given $2000.


Only The Better Players Will be Staked

I work on a split in favour of the player from between 95% to 75%, once again depending on the entry level which will be explained on application.

The reason why I have come to these amounts is two-fold. Firstly the player needs to keep the majority of their winnings. The figure is high enough so that players do not feel that they are playing for nothing or giving away too much of what they win.

However, my cut is for two very important reasons. The first is that it is my money that is staking you.

The second and most important is to do with on-going training and coaching which will take up considerable amounts of my time. Poker is a complex evolving environment and people and their poker games also change over time.

This is why I do not focus too heavily on poker tracker data for several reasons. Firstly, you can’t take a HUD into a live game if that is what you wish to do, secondly HUD’s may not be around permanently anyway.

220px-poker_tracker_logoThirdly, everybody else is doing the same thing in using them and finally……most tracker metrics take large sample sizes to be accurate and even then your opponents style will alter!

However, a HUD is still a vital piece of kit that I advise my students to get it if they haven’t already done so. I also coach players in how to use a HUD optimally.

Getting back on track, I guarantee two things for any player that doesn’t want to accept these splits or who attempts to keep winnings secret by keeping my share of the profits.

Firstly that our deal will end and you will be on your own. Secondly that you will over time begin to stagnate with your earnings because everybody does. It takes working with a pro to stop this from happening and to keep a player on the straight and narrow.


Work With a Pro….Its The ONLY Way To Quantum Leap Your Career

Clearly this service has to be paid for in some way. The only way to get ahead and stay ahead of the masses is to do something that they don’t do…….in this case it is working with an industry pro on a constant basis and using a system of operation (Sniper) that is OPERATING contrary to the masses.

Can I drop out of the programme?

Of course you can…..hey……sometimes life just gets in the way. There are numerous reasons as to why people who apply will either get no further or will drop out. I am looking for players who can devote time to playing poker.

If you want to sign up for the Sniper lessons and take it no further then I am cool with that as long as I know where we stand. If you have issues with indiscipline or I suspect that you have gambling issues or if I merely suspect that you cannot be trusted then the staking deal will end anyway. This will reveal itself in the Skype chats but especially in the session analysis sessions.

There are no contracts or anything of that nature. I feel that a players desire to want to improve their poker game are strong enough motives and stronger than any contract.

The deal has total flexibility (including where a player wants to play poker) for both parties and so any player that wants to go it alone or who simply wants to drop out then they are free to do so.


The Site Where I was a Poker Pro for Several Years……WHY….Soft Games…End of Story.

The fact that I am connected with 888 poker has no bearing on where you play poker……students are at liberty to play wherever they so choose and even play live for that matter.

What form of poker will I be coached in and be playing?

NLHE full ring and six max online cash games played with a 100bb starting stack and between the NL25 ($25) and NL100 ($100) levels and up to $400 in live games.

Firstly full ring games are where the vast majority of players who don’t make money playing poker should be focusing their efforts anyway. However, the six-max program is a great add-on to students who come on board and many games are six-max now so its a vital course. In fact the latest SNIPER add-ons prefer six-max over full ring and even SHORT-HANDED play but that is all explained in phase 2.

Far too many people are seduced into playing either heads up, six max, tournaments, SNG’s or whatever simply by press and hype. This type of poker game (NLHE cash) is where my expertise lays.

However, I am aware that a persons’ personality and character has to be suited to playing in a certain way…..SNIPER HAS CONVERTED TO SIX MAX OVER THE PAST YEAR!!!!!!

I am not looking for hyper-aggressive risk takers or people that crave huge scores. These are people that will be better suited to other forms of poker. I am not going to try to ram a square peg into a round hole.

So be honest with me at the outset and save us both a lot of time and trouble.

I am only interested in staking people in my own methods. So please don’t come to me telling me what a great tournament record you have……..guys…..I am simply not interested.

This is about me making money and you as well…….tournaments for show, cash games for dough! Also, NLHE cash games are a much simpler game to play and make money at if two things are in place.

These are a solid working system and good discipline levels. If you factor in working with a pro to help you with your buy-ins and on-going coaching and system analysis, then all you have to bring to the table are discipline, desire and the ability and means to be able to buy into the program.

Buying into the program is an essential step for several reasons. Firstly it shows a serious level of commitment which I need to see for obvious reasons.

Secondly, it purchases the entire Sniper program. Thirdly, it pays me for what is my considerable time and effort and finally, it protects me from people that simply take the coaching and then running away after promising the world.

So please don’t waste my time or yours by asking for bespoke deals. Something along the lines where you pay nothing up front in return for me getting a bigger split with the staking and then telling me what an honest guy you are and how you would never dupe anyone.

Save it and don’t waste our times. I get enough of these e-mails already…..the deal is what it is and is non-negotiable. What I am offering is very substantial and so I will simply work with someone else.

If money is an issue and you have the desire then the Sniper course has flexible entry levels with regards to buying into it and so nobody should feel that it is beyond them.

This also has the added advantage that people don’t have to pay the full fee and are then able to see what they are getting without paying in full up front.

I am more than happy to work with people. I understand that finances may be tight for many. I am certain though that anyone that purchases the first half of Sniper will buy the second half once they see what it does.


SNIPER Uses Trading System Weight of Money Principles and Tape Reading Strategy

The Sniper teaches hand reading methods for NLHE that you can use in the heat of battle. It will show you when to bluff and value bet or raise by placing numbers onto certain situations that are UNIQUE to Sniper.

These are called FERN and WOM and are a totally different way of looking at poker set ups that you will not find anywhere else.

Are you bringing anything new to the table with this?

This is a big question and to that question there is an undoubted “yes” to that and “yes” in a big way. Firstly, as I have already mentioned there are numerous factors within this program that are unique and have never been put into print before. The Sniper course isn’t just a series of 40 planned lessons that build on each like building blocks……that is just for starters.


Use SNIPER and Be Your Own “DevilFish”

This coaching course is a look into how I play poker and the systems that I employ to hand read far more effectively. The FERN system and WOM system are factors that have never been seen before.

The manual isn’t just how to play and beat NLHE cash games between the NL25 and NL100 online levels (up to $400 live), but a battle plan for how to play professional level poker full stop. It is also a psychology course in how to improve your mindset to play professional level poker.

The hand reading methods make exploiting fold equity and value betting far more effective. They allow us to see when to bluff, when to continue bluffing and when to increase our bet sizing when value betting based on easy to remember index numbers. So what SNIPER does can be summarised

Allow a player to KNOW when to value bet

Allow a player to know WHEN to bluff

Allow a player to KNOW when to re-bluff

Allow a player to KNOW when to fold marginal hands

Allow a player to know when to adjust their bet sizes when value betting

Train a player in how to THINK like a professional

Give on going help and coaching

Gain access to totally UNIQUE playing methods

Bring the player on board into my Project Poker Pro stable as a partner

Allow the player to operate within a totally flexible working environment

Allow players to work with me in other capacities (if they so choose) by helping me to bring other players on board

On top of this is the opportunity to be staked by me using these methods. The staking will start at NL25 online with 20 phased buy-ins ($500) and go all the way to NL100 online ($2000). As if that isn’t enough, there is a constant 24/7 back up for life if a student so chooses.


There Would be NOTHING to stop You Going to Las Vegas Where SNIPER Would be Very Effective Because of the TOURIST MONEY

So if a student e-mails me several years down the line after they have left the program with a question, then I will answer it…….plain and simple. I am not aware of any other poker coach that offers this.

This is my PERSONAL home e-mail address and not a business or poker site e-mail. So the combination of unique in depth coaching material, staking of up to $2000 and constant back up from an experienced poker pro offers tremendous value for money.

The combination of my unique FERN system and ongoing professional help, a 40 lesson Sniper course, contrarian and strategic poker thinking and planning along with staking and not to mention my ability to explain complex concepts clearly brings a substantial package to the table that I believe is unsurpassed.

How much money will it make for me?

Now we get to the crux of it for most people……a bit like when someone takes an antique to be valued and the expert starts discussing its history while the owner thinks “shut up and tell me how much it’s worth”.

Firstly this is a very difficult question to answer because a sizeable percentage of your earning potential will be based on factors that I cannot control.


SNIPER Makes Money….How Much is Down To You!!

These will be the level of work that you put into the course, how many online tables you can handle at once, what times you will be able to play poker, for how long, how well you can concentrate, how you absorb the data,how much effort you put into table selection etc.

Also your ability to assimilate data at speed during actual play….. your ability to want to learn whilst not letting an ego get in the way and how effective your online results are compared to your live results and where your strengths are in each etc.

Obviously these are variables that I cannot control or will find very difficult to do so. Any other coach in the world would face these very same obstacles.

The end result is that if any coach quotes you exact earn rates or gives you historical earn rates as if they represent something tangible in terms of future results, they are either misguided or are scamming you…….period.


SNIPER Was Used to Complete My 100k Challenge

I can only quote a range for what you should earn based on how many of these criteria are relevant to you. That range is $10-$30/hr once you properly absorb the data and where you play poker.

However, I am probably pushing the boat out here somewhat even quoting this range in all fairness as there are simply too many variables to even quote a range like this.

It is certainly possible for a student to ignore the coaching structure and bum out but it is also possible for hard working students that make the effort to earn MUCH more than the higher top end range.

This is expressly why the coaching and staking are linked together… is in my interests for the player to earn as much as possible and in order for that to happen effectively then my coaching has to be professional and effective.

This is a world away from coaches who simply coach somebody and then let them go. The future financial well-being of coach and student must be linked for an optimal result.


Every time You Go to a Casino….You are OPENING Your Own Business With SNIPER

So there we have seven of what I feel are the most important questions that people will ask.

Once again I am not looking for total novices because as I said last month, I have neither the time nor the desire to teach people how two pair loses to a flush.

Anybody that has the desire to want to strike up a professional working relationship with a professional player in a staking and coaching program and who IS WILLING to come on board with Project Poker Pro is free to contact me at


Carl “The Dean” Sampson is an 888poker pro and poker ambassador