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sta_pic_0In the world of Chess, computer programs overtook the best human players some years ago. Even World Chess Champions cannot stand up to the top machines these days.

In draughts this happened even earlier when the famous Chinook Program defeated the then world Champion Dr Marion Tinsley.

Before that famous match, Tinsley had only ever lost five games in his entire career…..Chinook beat him TWICE in the same match!


The Power of SNOWIE

The Snowie program became one of the best Backgammon players in the world and its algorithms allowed it to play a flawless game to defeat all but the worlds’ best players.

So it was never going to be long before the people at Snowie turned their attention to poker and this was why I became interested in working with them a few years ago.

I was curious to know how they had utilised GTO (Game Theory Optimal) strategy for their artificial intelligence software. I also wanted to know how close to perfect play it got with a highly complex game like No Limit Texas Hold’em.

I also wanted to pick these guys brains as well and see how I could incorporate these principles into my SNIPER program and Project Poker Pro.

In short…I wanted to know how I could use it to make myself and my students better. You will see my reviews on their website but suffice it to say that the Snowie program and the people behind it helped me develop my own poker game into what it is today.


Advanced “What If” Scenarios


I was asked along with high-stakes poker pro Dan “Jungleman12” Cates to trial the software and see how good it was….needless to say I was so impressed that I decided to emulate it.

Because Snowie tries to play totally balanced poker, this gave me a great insight into how many regulars were approaching the game and enabled me to reverse engineer strategies…..

Snowie paved the way for SNIPER and with it an artificial intelligence based theorem for beating lower stakes poker games and crushing live poker games.

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