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As a woman, I was unsure of how Carl would see me as a poker player. I needn’t have worried though because Carl doesn’t treat any of his students any differently.

You soon come to learn with Carl that he is straight talking and when it comes to coaching then it is “his way or the highway”. I had come from a tournament background and despite Carl’s advice to the contrary, I kept on playing tournaments whilst studying Sniper.

So I was to blame really for not doing well at the outset because I wasn’t committing to the study. However, I persevered with the strategies and have finally turned a corner after years of breaking even in online poker and losing money in tournaments. The strategies are not sexy but they get the job done in a “no frills” way and they do it amazingly well especially when you move onto Level 2 Sniper.

When it comes to experience, it is difficult to find a better poker coach anywhere in my opinion. His all-round gambling knowledge is staggering and the analogies that he makes really struck a chord with me. I have never seen FERN and WOM anywhere else but then again you won’t do because Carl links trading and poker in an almost unique way.

I am still working on my game and want to play much higher levels next year. I am no longer fearful of playing $100 online cash games when before, the thought of playing higher than $6 cash games terrified me.

The system just gives you so much confidence that you really want to start playing long before Carl tells you to and that is the tough part.

  • Melanie Blumenthal July 2016

I will keep this short and sweet and to the point. I knew about Carl Sampson from reading his articles in Poker Pro Europe and so I knew him from way back so to speak. I didn’t have any hesitation about coming on board after speaking with him.

What I liked about him was that he was immensely friendly and helpful. He really goes out of his way to help you become the best that you can be as a poker player.

I never went on to be staked by Carl but that was simply because I felt that I knew enough to go it alone. After being coached by him, one thing that you feel as a poker player is confident.

I had already had that instilled in me by the time the course finished (LEVEL2) by my own results. The £2150 that I won in live cash games in June/July 2016 was as a direct result of SNIPER.

His background as a trader and blackjack player really show through in the lessons and he has been there and done it in the world of professional gambling. How he links financial trading with poker is a joy to read and as someone that has traded myself, then I found this part revolutionary. I have no qualms in saying that anyone who works with Carl will not regret having done so.

  • James Livermore August 2016

I was reticent about signing up to project poker pro at the outset as I am sure others were before me. My own problems were in so much that I wasn’t making sense of the books that I had bought. I hadn’t gone down the coaching site route and decided to give “The Dean” a go before I did so. I simply liked his style and his straight forward and no “bullshit” way of speaking.

I knew that he was an 888 pro and I also found out that Carl got into hot water for producing this material. So in my mind, it had the potential to show me something that I hadn’t experienced before.

I liked the way that Carl made the entry into the program as simple as possible. Within a few lessons, I knew that my money had been well spent. Carl just has this almost unique way of explaining concepts that I had been struggling with. His course literally pulls every abstract poker concept that you can imagine together into easily recognised FERN/WOM numbers. Speaking with him on Skype at level 2 was amazing and very thought provoking.

The Sniper course is intense but it is worth every penny in my opinion. For me, one of the best pieces of poker literature that I have ever read. I had been a low stakes cash game player for a few years. I did well in live games but could never crack the online game. It was such a breath of fresh air to find a professional player that focused on the online games that I actually played in and not on middle stakes and higher stakes games.

Read The Dean Every Month in Bluff Europe

I am not a technical guy even though I work in computers. I was shocked when I found out about tracking software. Carl put me at ease on that score when he said that they are simply not needed to make money. Carl simply makes you think about the game differently and his FERN system is nothing short of revolutionary in my opinion.


I was reticent about writing this review simply because I didn’t want anyone else knowing this stuff. Carl assured me not to worry as losers don’t bother to educate themselves anyway.

Carl is authoritarian in his method of speaking and that gave me tremendous reassurance that this guy really knew his stuff. I wished he didn’t put loads of words in capitals but I understood his reasons for doing it after he explained why.

My game and results have transformed massively. My results and earn rate have risen dramatically in low stakes cash as a result of coming on board with this course. And as for live games, my results have been nothing short of staggering. I made $11k in 2016 playing $1-$2 with little variance. This guy deserves a 10/10 as a poker coach and a poker thinker.

  • JAMAL UNZAL June 2017