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Princes of Darkness: The World of Highstakes Blackjack tells the story of my time as a professional card counter before turning to poker. My first venture into professional gambling. I was financed by a backer but the career of a card counter was drawing to a close with the arrival of automatic shuffling machines.

Blackjack…STAKED and ready to take on the CASINOS


A Look into the Shady and Secretive World of Roulette and Cheats, Both Professional and Amateur.

My second book was Killer Roulette and is one that may surprise a few people simply because of the subject matter. Well I was a croupier and gaming inspector for nine years and so this book was kind of natural. It doesn’t tell you how to beat roulette because that is mathematically impossible on normal roulette wheels. However, it does delve into the shady and murky world of roulette cheats and professional cheating teams……interesting read even if I do say so myself 🙂

I used to play SNG’s for a Living for Six Months and this e-book was the RESULT. Then ICM Came Along and Spoiled it All

I turned pro in 2002 and Winning Cash Game Poker was the result. I have evolved an awful lot since this book was written and in no way does it  even COME CLOSE to SNIPER and what that teaches. My first poker book but look out for my new book that will be released soon called The $15hr Poker Blueprint.

Destination Final Table was the second of my two e-books on Tournament Poker. The first being “Crushing Single Table Online Tournaments”. Destination Final Table is the result of a prolonged analysis of tournaments and how I would play a poker tournament if they were the focal point of my career….which I am glad to say they are NOT!

My time as a CAKE POKER SPONSORED PRO wasn’t all wasted 🙂


The Dean’s Take on Tournament Poker