The £20/hr Poker Blueprint

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Working for a living in my opinion is one of the dumbest things that anyone can do. I’m sorry if that upsets a lot of people but that’s my opinion. Actually when I say “working for a living” then I am referring to working for someone else. A boss who is horrible in a work place that’s horrible, travelling to and from work in an ever increasing cess pit of peak time traffic.

Sheffield these days is becoming one big car park as is the UK in general. I know several people personally who have jumped ship and left the country. Unfortunately the global population is expanding at a rapid rate so for the vast majority of people, they still seek work in major conurbations.

So even if they moved abroad, the chances are that they would still live inside a major city because of work commitments. Some years ago I read a fantastic and very inspiring and thought provoking book called PLAY POKER…QUIT WORK..AND SLEEP UNTIL NOON by an author called John Fox.

After reading that book, it inspired me to change my life and back in 2002, I turned a hobby into a career and became a full time poker player. Since then I have expanded into playing live cash games and coaching. Escaping the rat race can be done with a good poker system, beatable poker games and a good discipline level along with careful day to day overheads.

£20/hr is easily achievable in poker and for a 40/hr working week then that means £800/wk or £40k per year. Also remember that in the UK this is untaxed income and so that would be the equivalent of earning £65k. When people speak of “life changing sums of money” then to me and my way of looking at things, something doesn’t have to be in the hundreds of thousands or millions for it to be life changing. Earning £20/hr repeatedly back in 2002 dramatically changed my life from the one I had to the one that I wanted and I have never looked back.

This is something that can be taught by simply hooking up with the right people with the right knowledge and the right game plan. A PLAN needs to be put in place and then executed and the rest follows on like a domino effect.

APPLY to in the first instance to come on board the SNIPER Poker Programme and begin the process of altering what you are and where you are.


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