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Apologies for the long delay in posting. Unfortunately I have been somewhat busy both playing poker and working on my stable. As you can imagine this is very time consuming and doesn’t leave an awful lot of time for other things. I have been playing a ton of PLO online recently and things have gone very well after a shaky start of sorts.

The yearly report is due and its been a great year for me. I am up a grand total of $186,114. The bulk of that has come in highstakes PLO and so yes I could very well be on the right side of variance but who cares lol

I was staked into the games by a professional colleague who I was fortunate enough to meet. He is now in Macau after having had a good year himself. I might even get to Las Vegas next year for the series but my poker stable and coaching is now getting very busy.

I am taking some time off over Christmas and will be going to Berlin in the middle of the month….so Pokersharkpool is now back up and running with a vengeance and so see you all VERY SOON!

“The Dean” – December 2017


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