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Its been a while since my last post but getting back in the saddle after a hectic summer of the World Cup, vacations, illness, the WSOP and playing more live poker. I know I should have posted but that’s just how it has been. So what has been happening? Well on the poker front, not a lot although this past couple of weeks I have returned to playing live cash again in Sheffield, Leeds and Nottingham.

Been a good couple of weeks and am around £1700 up but that’s pretty par for the course considering the hours I have put in….not really anything special after around 60 hours of play.

This year and into 2019, I want to expand my SNIPER business and so am looking for people who are looking to speculate in the poker business with a professional player. I will be posting some live hands soon to show FERN/WOM and the full power of the SNIPER in action.

See you very soon



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