The Rise of the SNIPER on 888poker

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The past year has been amazing in more ways than one. Firstly it has been music to my ears to see an ever increasing number of poker sites convert to anonymous poker tables. This allows the SNIPER system to be EVEN more effective. I was watching a cash game video on Youtube the other day when the winner of the 2000 Poker Million John Duthie referred to another player as a “class act”.

Now I know neither of them personally but in my book a “class act” in poker is a player that not only makes money over a very long period of time but also keeps it….THAT is the ONLY “class act” in poker. Poker is about money management and accumulation of wealth and nothing else.

It isn’t about sexy play, body language tells or anything else. The “tells” are in the data feed given to you by your opponents expressed in heuristics using Bayes Theorem as a foundation. Some of the people that now work with me are making £1000-£2000 per week and good luck to them but they have all learned to do one thing since working with me…..TO THINK AND ACT DIFFERENTLY TO THE MASSES.


Played first SNIPER session for while this morning and won $577 in just under 2 hours on 888poker. 


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