The Future of Poker is Strategic Vision

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Being the keen chess player I am (master strength), I am all too aware of how Chess Grandmasters use strategic vision to not only gain an edge on the chessboard but to stay finding those edges long into the future. Online poker especially became tougher years ago but that was merely because everybody was playing the same way and being coached in the same way.

When I bring new students on board, they are coached in HOW TO MAKE MONEY…not HOW TO BECOME BETTER POKER PLAYERS.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY MUST COME FIRST!!!!! Becoming a better poker player is simply a derivative of the other. The mistake that players make is by getting this the WRONG way round. They set out to become better poker players with no strategic vision or long term plan.

So they fall foul of the tougher online climate and can’t make money because they have no strategy in place. Players that come into my stable are SHOWN how to turn their skills into money. It is THE ONLY WAY! So anyone that wants further details or who wants to work with me on a professional basis then please contact me at

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