Back in the Saddle after Six Months away

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I haven’t played a single hand of poker this year and to be honest I have loved being away from the game. We are already at WSOP time and boy how time flies.

I haven’t been idle though and this past year has seen me undertake a huge horseracing project that hopefully should become my go to income for many years to come.

I have been spending a lot of time at the G Casino in Sheffield of late doing sod all but eat and watch football, a place I know very well as I used to work there as a croupier many moons ago. Met some great people over the past few months and Ian, Jackie and Ricky have become good friends. So what is happening with the poker?

At the end of the day this site is supposed to be about this bloody game and not only have I not being playing the game much but I haven’t even been blogging which I know is wrong as it makes my site look inactive.

Any person that writes knows how hard work it is to keep up the enthusiasm to keep on doing it but I really should make the effort. I haven’t been totally idle in my poker and have been scouting a few poker games in Sheffield.

This city has really picked up in recent years with some great cash game action at Napoleons and Genting so I am pencilling in the 1st July to go back playing full time again with a mixture of live and online play so watch this space guys and gals.

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