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Just wanted to say that I received my new poker book yesterday “Winning Cash Game Poker” and it fills me with pride to have written a book on poker. The book is basically about my thoughts on poker but I dare say that it will get knocked in a few quarters. The book has several problems in so much as I wrote it nearly two years ago but due to unforeseen factors it has been delayed until now.

I don’t seem to have had much luck with books and it will be a long time before I write another one. I have perhaps one big final book in me and may be my “magnum opus”. I have thought of the title….. “The Dean on Poker, Gambling and Life”…… a 600 word epic about as thick as Supersystem and so damn heavy that you get arm ache holding it 🙂

But the chances of me writing this book in the near future are slim at best. Books are so time consuming and my schedule is just so hectic these days. I guess that I will need some more coverage on the poker show to make it worthwhile…..I might pay Mick a few quid to promote me 🙂

Seriously though I could have made this a better poker book but then again all three of my books could have been better. The problem with books is that they never come out like you intended them to unless you get some serious help and I didn’t. I am not a great writer but I do know enough about my subject and have just enough writing skill to make something interesting.

I have been looking to play some live poker this year and haven’t got around to it. But I was having a discussion with some marketing guys last week and they told me that this could be a good thing. The “mystique” that surrounds me sometimes based on the fact that I haven’t played live in ages so the people who knew me then will not know me in my present capacity and vice versa is what could be very marketable.

But getting back to my book, it has no references to tracking software as I didn’t use Poker Office back in Jan/Feb 2008 when I started the book. It is about playing POKER and what it takes to succeed. It does have some hand examples thrown in but that is not the crux of the book. Just how many bloody hand examples do people need in the poker world?

It makes me feel proud to have those books sitting on my desk and to think that I produced them. None of them will be classics but that does not deter from my feeling of pride. In fact I am very proud of what I have done and to think that it has all happened in just over ten years is nothing short of remarkable.

But ten years can be a long time and you only have to look at The Hendon Mob, just over ten years ago they appeared on Late Night Poker as nobodies and look at them now……fantastic success and I wish them all well because they deserve it.

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