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Well it is finally here, my first poker book is about to go to the printers and it is called “Winning Cash Game Poker“. I actually wrote this book some time ago but it has been delayed for various reasons.

It is basically my take and views on poker and although it is a relatively short book, I feel that it may prove insightful for many players especially at the novice and intermediate levels. I have used some hands in the book taken from live and online play although the live play was some time ago.

I wanted to show how I thought about the game although the book is not a mathematically orientated book as I wanted it to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. This will be my third book after Princes of Darkness :The World of High stakes Blackjack and Killer Roulette.

I am a poker player first and foremost so I figured that I best write a poker book. This wasn’t the book that I actually wanted to write and I approached several senior and well known players to write a joint book. I spoke to Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott last year who liked the prospect but there were too many problems.

I also spoke to Joe Beevers of The Hendon Mob and Mike Matusows manager at one stage but the bottom line was that I would be better off writing a book myself. I am glad that I wrote this as it basically lets people know what I am about.

I have one final book in me possibly… masterpiece. As big as Supersystem and will be me discussing poker and gambling and will combine my life story, real life events, bets made and bets won and lost. A life of online poker and sports betting along with loads of other stuff.

Will I ever get to write this book? Maybe I need to find more time in order to do it but I think it will happen later rather than sooner. The big stumbling block is me having enough financial incentive to write it but the possibility exists. I have the entire 200k word book in my head so it just needs time and the right cash incentive.

I must say that things have really taken off for me since all the rumpus on the poker forums and the publicity that was generated by the Poker Show. I simply cannot thank these guys enough. Somebody (who I shall not name) went onto a forum a few weeks back and said how he could not understand it why people were envious or jealous of people who had deals with poker sites or words to that effect……….hmmmmmmmm 🙂 now where have I heard that before………:-)

Seeing as that was the entire reason behind it and I stated it several times……talk about obvious. He leaves it a few weeks then tries to slip it in unnoticed……classic.

Anyway, I really must let that slide but I just want to let certain people know that attacking me merely makes me stronger because it motivates me not to let these jokers win and to use whatever they say to my own advantage. Crikey……who gets slated more than Hellmuth and he is probably one of the richest guys in the game. If you get critics then at least people are talking and they seem to be talking about me at the moment.

It’s almost a great time to be publishing a book 🙂

see you soon

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