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I have been a poker pro now for ten years and in that time the way that I have evolved as a poker player has been rather striking. These days I also do a lot of trading on the exchanges and I have read and digested literally hundreds of books on trading and electronic day trading. So I can see the strong connections between playing online poker and trading stocks of which both are done electronically. In fact with the launch of new ways to play poker like with ipad poker at sites like Switch Poker then the online poker world has become even more technological.

I play a very systematic style when I play online and that is a style that is very effective but also very limited in its earning capability. This is identical to day trading where automated systems do well in the market as a whole but can never come close to the earning levels of the best traders. I believe that using an auto-pilot style system in online poker helps people with weak poker skills to be able to make money from online poker.

I have been playing $0.01-$0.02 lately in a bid to try and build $0 into $10,000 in the same way that Chris Ferguson did some years ago starting with the free money that is available. I like challenges like this because they motivate me. However I also know just how badly the players are at the $2 level in online poker. So from the comfort of your own home then you can make money against players that are playing merely for fun just by playing iphone poker.


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