The SNIPER vs 5 Russians

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I almost didn’t sit in this afternoon $2-$4 game on 888 a few weeks back when it had 3 players from Russia and 2 from Ukraine. The following hand came up after around 20 minutes with me “Spruce28” on the button. FULL ANALYSIS ON MY NEXT BLOG!

Hand Information

Blind: $2/ $4
Hand History converter courtesy of


Table Information
Seat1: kamski ($583) Small Blind
Seat3: seat 3 ($197) Big Blind
Seat5: seat 5 ($404)
Seat6: seat 6 ($615)
Seat8: seat 8 ($511)
Seat10: spruce28 ($464) Dealer
Dealt to spruce28


Preflop (Pot:6)
seat 5 FOLD  
seat 6 FOLD  
seat 8 FOLD  
spruce28 RAISE   $10
kamski RAISE   $28
seat 3 FOLD  
spruce28 CALL  
Flop  (Pot: $72)
kamski CHECK  
spruce28 CHECK  
Turn  (Pot: $72.00)
kamski CHECK  
spruce28 BET   $25
kamski RAISE   $75
spruce28 ALL-IN   $401
kamski FOLD  




spruce28  MUCKS
spruce28   wins the pot: $573
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BIG BIG BIG APOLOGIES to regular readers of the blog. There have been a few changes since my last post in March. Firstly I had to change domains due to a technical issue and the site is now and not All of my students know about the transition and the change of ownership problems.

Since March I have been extremely active playing live cash games but I have also been playing online at $2-$4 and $3-$6. Where that has been is classified and the reasons for that will only become known to players who enrol in SNIPER. Suffice it to say that my hourly rate has been nothing short of astounding and the best of my career.

SNIPER Sees Action for the FIRST TIME

The hard part has not been posting on Pokersharkpool on a regular basis and some readers may be forgiven for thinking that I had taken leave or had fallen out with poker….NO CHANCE.

The SNIPER has been TOTALLY TRANSFORMED after working with a couple of industry pro’s. One I can name and the other I can’t. Jack Leishman has been pivotal to how I have re-designed SNIPER to not only play in mid-stakes games but also to beat them for a good clip.

Anyone that desires further details then simply drop me a line at

See Carl on 888poker

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SNIPER Global Poker Stable and Online Again

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Woa…can’t believe it’s been so long but that’s what happens when it’s total poker and that doesn’t leave time for writing. My Global Poker Stable is now looking to launch and all my efforts are going into that. Guess I need to tell you how the live games have been going seeing as we are almost at the end of the first quarter.

Well I have been playing 30-35 hours per week including one session where I played 16 hours straight and yes…it nearly killed me. However no pain no gain and the yearly figure has reached £11,014 already. Not bad considering I haven’t played higher than £1-£2.

I have also been in discussions with an online high-stakes pro. I discussed the concept of FERN and WOM and he showed me how to reverse engineer the data to defeat mid-stakes online games.

There was me thinking that it could only be used to beat low stakes games and live games. So I am looking to play online poker again this year (if I can fit it in) at levels from $2-$4 to $5-$10.

Just have to wait and see but what I have been doing is writing for Poker Player and Bluff Europe again. Bluff is in card rooms all over Europe and Poker Player is a great mag. So take a look at see what you think.

Stay Lucky


See The Dean at PokerPlayer365 and get great strategic insight and the latest poker news!

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3991We are coming towards the end of 2016 and I know that I haven’t been posting of late. However there has been a very good reason for that. I have been playing a large number of hours at the live game tables and now I have the SNIPER stats for the live games that I have been playing in.

2016 STATS:


AMOUNT WON:   £36,970

HOURLY RATE:     £34.20

There we have it because I am calling time on the year playing wise to concentrate on coaching. Anybody that comes on board with the SNIPER program will see very rapidly how this money is made. Live card rooms have several HUGE advantages over online games.

  • Casinos with tournaments have a lot of weak cash players
  • Non-specialised card rooms have weaker players
  • Casino promotions drag in weaker players
  • Many casinos are offering nightclub type conditions which drag in weak players even more
  • The SNIPER doesn’t pay much rake
  • Bad beat jackpots create loose action

“So there we have the year-end live game stats. I would like to report the online stats but there haven’t been any. I have enjoyed my live game sessions immensely and seeing SNIPER score so highly in live games has been a joy”

In fact I would go as far as to say that the $/hr figure is higher in live games than online despite only seeing around 25 hand per hour. The current exchange rate is around $1.25/£1.00 so the live dollar rate is around $42.75

I can’t really state a bb/100 figure as I was playing £0.50-£1.00 levels as well as £1-£2 levels and so mixing two levels doesn’t make it easy to compute the hourly rate. The live game SNIPER “expedition” this year has been refreshing and a great adventure to be quite frank. It has also taught me something AMAZING about SNIPER….it is better in live games than online!!

3991Contact me at for further details on how to get the SNIPER program and coming into my SNIPER stable as part of PROJECT POKER PRO!




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Come and Join Project Poker Pro

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sta_pic_0I am STILL looking for poker players to join my Project Poker Pro stable. This is where I coach players in my unique SNIPER program and then stake them and mentor them in an ongoing business relationship. Interested parties can simply contact me at in the first instance.

So what does Project Poker Pro do? What does SNIPER do?

Well firstly Project Poker Pro is a culmination of 5 years work. I decided to build my own stable of poker players who have the desire to work with a poker pro on a full time basis or for as long as they wish.


I am looking for enthusiastic poker players to come on board and join me. I allow all players that sign up access to my SNIPER course which teaches:


If you are a breakeven poker player or slight net plus player whether it is online or live then I want to hear from you. poker-726377_960_720


For more information, simply click on the Project Poker Pro tabs at the top of this page and see what it is all about before contacting me. Look forward to hearing from you and joining the stable.

sta_pic_0Carl “The Dean” Sampson

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sta_pic_0For those of you that are not familiar with online poker and its history then you may not have heard of POTRIPPER. This was a cheating scandal on Absolute Poker where a player had access to a “super user” account and could see the cards of everybody else. This lead to some amazing plays and a super human earn rate.

Needless to say that it was exposed but we can learn an awful lot from POTRIPPER….meaning just how high our earn rate can get when we are aware of our opponents cards.


Chips Come Our Way When We Use SNIPER Index Numbers

This then means that the utopian goal for ANY poker player to maximise their earn rate is to try to ultimately get closer to the truth of what our opponents hold or more specifically….what general strength do they have.

So it gets to the very core of what we are trying to achieve at the poker table…..this is to get CLOSE TO THE ABSOLUTE (forgive the pun) TRUTH of what our opponents have.

This is why the overwhelming majority of players struggle to make meaningful money playing poker…..they bluff when they shouldn’t be bluffing and don’t bluff when they should be bluffing and miss value in value bet situations.

The bottom line is that they lose a ton of money bluffing in spots where their opponents are simply not folding……they lose a ton of money when they fail to pick up pots that they should have won and they lose a ton of money in pots where they missed value.

So instead of making $50,000 or $100,000 at the end of the year……they break even or just scrape a profit.


Poker Pro Europe Readers Followed my 100k Challenge

Big bucks come from the repetition of small amounts compounded. This is WHY SNIPER is so powerful because for the first time we can place INDEX numbers onto each situation that we encounter that identifies what we need to do and when and why.

So instead of having no style and no track to run on and NO PLAN…..we now have a style and a method that we replicate. In LIVE GAMES then SNIPER has been immensely powerful of late and is why I have played live for two years.

I don’t play any other way now and its powerful financial trading principles of weight of money and tape reading form the very core of SNIPER and why it is so powerful.

Any player that wants to learn more can simply contact me at or who wants to be coached in SNIPER or who fancies joining my stable of players as part of PROJECT POKER PRO.

sta_pic_0Carl “The Dean” Sampson can also be seen on and also at

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The SNIPER in Action

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sta_pic_0While I am not going to go into the details of SNIPER here in this post, you will see the power of it right here. Anybody who wants further details can contact me at by the way.

I was playing in a £1-£2 blind game in Sheffield and the game was only 6 handed after two players had temporarily left the table. It had been folded around to an Iranian guy called Mir to my right who made it £10 to go from the cut-off seat. He had a stack of around £450 and my stack was around £320 at the time.


Nobody Figures You Out in Live Games

I held the 5 (S) 4 (S) on the button and decided to call. Both blinds folded and we saw a flop with £23 in it. The flop came

J (H) 2 (H)  J (S)

So apart from some backdoor straight draws then I had missed this flop and had no right staying in.

My opponent bet £15 on the flop and I decided to think even though I knew full well what I was going to do…………the play is to CALL.

I called and that made the pot £53 (less the rake) and the turn card was

A (H)

Mir now bet £20 and the SNIPER play is…….to RAISE!!!

The FERN numbers and WOM numbers that are inherent within SNIPER and are the secrets behind its success indicated such and I raised it to £75.


SNIPER Creates Pressure and Pressure Creates Mistakes

My opponent thought for a while and gave me the stare but then ultimately folded and showed me

10 (D) 10 (C)

I rake in £45 in profit in what ultimately became a £374 win after around four hours of play. In live small stakes games there really is no stopping the SNIPER.

Contact Carl at for further details if you want to join his poker stable or for details on SNIPER.

3991See Carl at and at

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The SNIPER in Live Cash Games

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cropped-header-4.jpgI have to give a big apology to regular readers of my blog for not posting for a full two months.

Well there has certainly been a reason for it and it has absolutely nothing to do with being in Vegas for the WSOP or because I was in France watching England in the Euro’s.

I have been trialling the SNIPER on the road and visiting numerous casinos playing small stakes cash games mainly at the £0.50-£1 and £1-£1 (with the odd 1-2) levels. I have to report some staggering success and I have won £9,388 since the 1st June having logged 357 hours of play in that time.


No Need to go to Vegas to Make Money in Poker

At an hourly rate of £26.29 per hour and a rate of around 25 hands per hour then I have played somewhere in the region of around 8900 hands at a staggering 105bb/100 hands.

That’s amazing and is far and away greater than anything I have achieved or ever will achieve playing online in terms of big blinds per hour.

I always knew the live games were soft because of the local small buy-in poker tournaments and the bad beat jackpots but they are stupidly soft.

Over the next few months I am going to concentrate on using SNIPER at 1-2 and attempt to double the hourly rate of £26.29.

It is THIS that I got into poker for and for me, the future is clear and I am leaving online poker to other people because the production and enhancement of my SNIPER stable is my top online priority these days.


Do You Fancy Joining the SNIPER Stable of Poker Players?

I simply cannot and will not spend any more time grinding online when I can pick up easy money playing live.

For me now the computer is for my poker business and staying in touch with my students and finding and bringing on board new ones.

I am leaving it to other people to take SNIPER forward in online poker while I concentrate on live play and managing my stable.

After playing online poker professionally since 2002 including several stints as a professional with Cake Poker and 888 poker then I owe it to myself to spend less time on a computer and from now on, online poker is taking a back seat for me personally in terms of actually playing online.

Money can still be made online if you have discipline and are WILLING to put the time in and you have a good system and back up behind you which SNIPER along with myself will provide.

However it is all down to you as to whether or not you are willing to come on board or not and as the saying goes…. “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink”. A person needs to be willing because the correct mindset is everything. If you are willing then the rest takes care of itself.

sta_pic_0Carl “The Dean” Sampson can be checked out on where he is the leading poker theorist and writer and also at his rakeback site of

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Making Your Own Future

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3991I spent all last night watching the EU results come in until around 4am when it was obvious that the “leave” vote had won. I am not going to enter into political debate here as I never mix politics with poker….I voted but how I voted is academic.

However I do know this….a lot of people rightly or wrongly are concerned about their future as a result of this referendum. The bottom line is that whatever the result had been be it leave or remain then millions of people would have been worried about their future anyway!


I Got Sick and Tired of Worrying About My Future

The latest data on debt levels in the UK are very sobering. The current level of debt in the UK has doubled in the past ten years and now stands at a staggering £1.47 TRILLION or 1470 BILLION (as of July 2015)!!

This figure is rising and currently stands at about £4000 per adult (I did the maths).

Whether we are in or out of the EU has NOTHING whatsoever to do with this figure and neither is which political party happens to be in power.

There is an excellent poker training video by the poker player Brian Townsend where he talks about the biggest step that a poker player has to make in order to become a winner…… “Becoming responsible for your results”…..but doesn’t this reflect life in general?

People are in financial difficulty in the UK (and in most other countries too) because they have made poor decisions in their life and do not take the responsibility for that.


Don’t Put Your Future into The Hands of Greedy People Who Work in Their Own Interests Entirely

So their debt levels spiral and they then make even further poor choices when it comes to controlling that debt and then trying to eliminate it.

In 2002 I made the choice to stop making excuses as to why I wasn’t successful and other people were and stop accepting that they were lucky and I wasn’t and I got into poker in a serious way.

I had bummed out during my early years and that was MY FAULT…..not the governments fault or the EU or anything else because the fact of the matter is this……THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCES THAT HAPPEN WITHIN OUR LIVES ARE CREATED BY OURSELVES.

Successful people and winners don’t need to be in the EU or out of the EU or for the Conservative Party or Labour Party to be in power or supposed good economic times….they succeed because they have creativity and they decide to do something productive about their future rather than sit back and hope for the best.


Traders Simply Shorted the Pound in Anticipation of Bad News

As I watched the results from the referendum come in, Sterling plunged after the early result from Newcastle.

These were actions taken by smart traders shorting the Pound in anticipation of a leave vote happening.

By the morning the Pound against the USD had fallen from $1.49 to $1.34……but GUESS WHAT!

Traders had been shorting the pound and buying it back after it had fallen and had made MILLIONS! For every winner in life there are numerous losers and it’s your choice as to which side you are on……not luck or fate or what the “stars say”.

I recall the line delivered by Tom Hanks who played Jim Lovell in the movie Apollo 13 when he was sat on the lawn with his wife looking up at the moon after watching Neil Armstrong become the first man to step out onto its surface

“It’s not a miracle…..we just decided to go”

It was only when I became a successful online and live poker player, writer and coach did I realise that the reason for that success had simply been the determination to make something happen and the drive to follow it through.


Never Buy Hope…..Buy a Plan and STICK to it

Poker is a way to change people’s lives and it is achievable unlike the plethora of false dawns and utopian avenues that people pursue like buying lottery tickets and scratch cards and hoping to find a job or get a pay rise.

If people want to change their life and have the desire to want to put the work and time in and they want to work with me then I am interested to speak with them. People that make money from poker simply take money from the people that lose it and the ones that get that money take steps to place themselves into the top 5% of players…..THE WINNERS!

All they need if they have that desire is to reach out to the right people and be taught effective ways of playing poker or in other words…..WINNING!

Winning poker isn’t about being super smart, it isn’t about being incredibly lucky (not if you play cash games) and success doesn’t mean getting into debt like with University fees or loans and you don’t need to be a great poker player either (SNIPER takes care of that).

………it’s about DESIRE to want to change your life and realising that the ONLY HURDLE that stands in your way is the person that you see looking back at you the next time that you look in the mirror.

sta_pic_0Carl “The Dean” Sampson


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SNIPER: Winning the Battle of Decisions

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3991Poker is all about making decisions….we literally live and die so to speak at the poker table by not only the quality of our decisions but the quality of those decisions when pitched against the quality of the decisions from our opponents. So as the great poker theorist David Sklansky once said…. “Poker is a Battle of Decisions”.

This is what is so powerful about SNIPER because it puts index numbers and weight of money numbers onto situations that allow you to make BETTER and MORE ACCURATE poker decisions.


Online Players use Trackers to Make Better Decisions but they Don’t Work in Live Games

In fact if you look at the high-stakes poker videos on this site then you will even see when you come on board just how effective SNIPER can really be at that exalted level of poker as well.

I go onto YouTube an awful lot these days because I find it more entertaining than the rubbish dished out on modern terrestrial and cable/Sky TV.

I put the SNIPER numbers onto many cash game situations and it even holds its own against world class players which is certainly not what it was designed to do.

In fact when I put SNIPER into these hands and see the results it makes me even more proud of what for me is close to being my greatest achievement in poker. The development of SNIPER and my poker stable is the biggest reason why I now play less live poker and certainly online poker and concentrate more and more on the business of poker.


SNIPER was used to turn $100 into $100k

There is one HUGE reason as to why my coaching methods work and you only need to look at the image to see why.

Anybody that enrols in SNIPER will not be attending lectures, there are no audio-visual aids and so no videos and there are certainly no demos.

There are no group discussions and while there is a lot or reading……it isn’t just random reading but reading about the index numbers that allow you to make many more powerful poker decisions.

Couple this with practice of being involved in my poker stable and the fact that you will be able to teach SNIPER to others if you so choose means that my methods are PARTICIPATORY in nature and not passive.

They are not passive because you can take SNIPER into battle within a very short space of time after enrolling.

Contact Carl “The Dean” Sampson for details of his SNIPER programme at and you can also see Carl at

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