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Just like to say that I really do try to respond to all e-mails and messages on Pokersharkpool although responding to them all is a little difficult so if anyone has been missed out then I am truly sorry. I hope that you have liked the videos that I have been using recently and how I dovetailed them in with my blog posts.

I particularly liked the last one because it was pertinent to how I feel online poker is going. I had an e-mail this week from a guy called Zoltan who asked me to talk more about tracker data in my posts and do more strategy. Well I feel that people read posts for different reasons and poker strategy can be got from numerous different places.

My new book is due out shortly but it will not be a book that will teach players sophisticated online poker techniques. In fact many players will probably not learn anything from the book at all. It is my take on an awful lot of things to do with poker with strategy thrown in. It is based on the same formula as my blackjack book.

I don’t mention tracker data in that book because I wrote it before I even started to use Poker Office. So I will in fact look to increase the technical side of the blog rather than me just ranting and waffling. Anyway, one of the things that I mentioned in that book was in how once you understood poker then you could transfer those skills from poker form to poker form.

When you look at key metrics in limit hold’em for example then adjusting your play from limit to no-limit is simply a case of looking at different metrics but fundamentally doing the same thing. I better explain a little more about what I mean here, at both forms of poker then there are going to be optimal basic metrics.

In six max limit hold’em then a rock using Poker Office would maybe have metrics along the lines of the following 22/14/1.6 or maybe 24/15/1.5. Now a rock is a rock is a rock as they say and we know a fair few things about rocks. We know that they fold too much for a start and that is a weakness. We also know that they have better than average ranges when they enter pots from all positions otherwise their VPIP would be higher.

We also know that we can open our range if they are in the blinds and we are in steal situations. Also sitting to their right is an advantage, they will allow you to steal when in the cut-off or hijack and they will not take advantage of their positional superiority as much. When you raise and they fold when they have position then this gives you better position.

All these factors apply whether the game is limit or no-limit and this is basically what I am trying to say. But with online poker being in a constant state of transition then you really need to keep your finger on the pulse with how often these sorts of metrics change over time.

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