Poker Books….are they worth it?

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I had someone e-mail me a few days ago regarding the merits of poker books. They specifically asked me if they were worth it in an age where poker coaching sites are taking over big time. I don’t know if it is me or what but I have always preferred the feel of a book in my hand with my feet up reading at my leisure.

But that is not the full story anymore, I believe now that there are not many books on the market that can do a better job than the coaching sites. Many of the books are written by players with little or no experience of online poker or the books are not written with online poker in mind. The problem here is that online poker is precisely the environment where that knowledge is going to be put to use so here we have a problem.

There are huge differences between live poker and online and this is not always readily apparent to novices. There are some very good poker books out there though and it would be unfair to criticise them all. I think that some of the strong young Internet pro’s have produced some good books of late. I also think that when certain players knock poker books then they obviously haven’t read the right books.

The older poker books in my opinion merely serve as nothing more than primers these days, books that will take people from novice to maybe intermediate level but no further. Back when I started playing then there was nothing more than books to go by and when I turned pro in 2002, my level of knowledge back then would make me no better than an intermediate player now just 8 years later.

This is a clear indication that the older books do not cut it in the modern online poker world unless you are playing low-stakes and do not have any aspirations whatsoever towards moving up. Then you can make money from total beginners and novices who do not know any better and do not have the ambitions to become a good player. So there are some good books out there but it is the recent books that I am talking about here.

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