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Woa…can’t believe it’s been so long but that’s what happens when it’s total poker and that doesn’t leave time for writing. My Global Poker Stable is now looking to launch and all my efforts are going into that. Guess I need to tell you how the live games have been going seeing as we are almost at the end of the first quarter.

Well I have been playing 30-35 hours per week including one session where I played 16 hours straight and yes…it nearly killed me. However no pain no gain and the yearly figure has reached £11,014 already. Not bad considering I haven’t played higher than £1-£2.

I have also been in discussions with an online high-stakes pro. I discussed the concept of FERN and WOM and he showed me how to reverse engineer the data to defeat mid-stakes online games.

There was me thinking that it could only be used to beat low stakes games and live games. So I am looking to play online poker again this year (if I can fit it in) at levels from $2-$4 to $5-$10.

Just have to wait and see but what I have been doing is writing for Poker Player and Bluff Europe again. Bluff is in card rooms all over Europe and Poker Player is a great mag. So take a look at see what you think.

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