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To APPLY to come on board into my SNIPER poker stable or to simply purchase the SNIPER level 1 program then simply contact me in the first instance at

You can tell me a little about your poker history and why you want to come on board. All of my students have the total flexibility to come on board at whatever level they choose. If they just want to purchase the 40 lesson level 1 SNIPER course then I am cool with that.

In fact, I recommend that everybody does this at the outset. It allows entry at the minimum cost. This allows people to see what SNIPER does and what I can bring to the table with very little outlay . This gets you onto the level 1 SNIPER program. If you don’t want to go beyond that then that’s fine.

Anyone that is serious about moving up and going further can enrol in level 2 SNIPER. This will involve Skype sessions and a UNIQUE look at how FERN/WOM are reverse engineered for middle stakes and high stakes cash games using actual hand examples.

Level 3 SNIPER is where I stake players but that is dependent on availability and people willing to go that far. It also involves extra time and coaching. That is quite some way down the line but as I said, the first step is to simply contact me at in the first instance.

Look forward to seeing you

Carl “The Dean” Sampson