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BIG BIG BIG APOLOGIES to regular readers of the blog. There have been a few changes since my last post in March. Firstly I had to change domains due to a technical issue and the site is now and not All of my students know about the transition and the change of ownership problems.

Since March I have been extremely active playing live cash games but I have also been playing online at $2-$4 and $3-$6. Where that has been is classified and the reasons for that will only become known to players who enrol in SNIPER. Suffice it to say that my hourly rate has been nothing short of astounding and the best of my career.

SNIPER Sees Action for the FIRST TIME

The hard part has not been posting on Pokersharkpool on a regular basis and some readers may be forgiven for thinking that I had taken leave or had fallen out with poker….NO CHANCE.

The SNIPER has been TOTALLY TRANSFORMED after working with a couple of industry pro’s. One I can name and the other I can’t. Jack Leishman has been pivotal to how I have re-designed SNIPER to not only play in mid-stakes games but also to beat them for a good clip.

Anyone that desires further details then simply drop me a line at

See Carl on 888poker


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