The SNIPER vs 5 Russians

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I almost didn’t sit in this afternoon $2-$4 game on 888 a few weeks back when it had 3 players from Russia and 2 from Ukraine. The following hand came up after around 20 minutes with me “Spruce28” on the button. FULL ANALYSIS ON MY NEXT BLOG!

Hand Information

Blind: $2/ $4
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Table Information
Seat1: kamski ($583) Small Blind
Seat3: seat 3 ($197) Big Blind
Seat5: seat 5 ($404)
Seat6: seat 6 ($615)
Seat8: seat 8 ($511)
Seat10: spruce28 ($464) Dealer
Dealt to spruce28


Preflop (Pot:6)
seat 5 FOLD  
seat 6 FOLD  
seat 8 FOLD  
spruce28 RAISE   $10
kamski RAISE   $28
seat 3 FOLD  
spruce28 CALL  
Flop  (Pot: $72)
kamski CHECK  
spruce28 CHECK  
Turn  (Pot: $72.00)
kamski CHECK  
spruce28 BET   $25
kamski RAISE   $75
spruce28 ALL-IN   $401
kamski FOLD  




spruce28  MUCKS
spruce28   wins the pot: $573

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