2019 is Here and What’s New?

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Well 2018 is out and 2019 is in and I realise that it’s been ages since my last post. Well firstly I have been spending more time with my new pet project and that is sports trading on the betting exchanges. However there was still a lot of poker played in 2018 although not as much as in previous years. The total yearly profit was £36,811 which was totally from live cash games with the odd few grand from online play.

The total number of hours played was 711 which made the hourly rate £51.11 for the year. This has been higher than previous years but I kind of got the feeling that I ran well overall for the year so no complaints. Unfortunately that only equates to just over 13 hours per week which is really poor for me but as I said, I have had a serious trading project on the go since March.

The SNIPER program is in full swing and I am pleased to announce that Jason Markham will be working with me this year on a full time mentor/student basis after enrolling on the basic SNIPER program in 2017. There will be a lot more poker played this year than last even though I have yet to get started this year after the festive season. However that went down badly after I had a bad cold and a stomach bug on top so no Christmas worth mentioning really. As for the late start to the year, I have to say that I couldn’t be motivated to start playing poker but have kicked out of that idle habit this week hence why I will be posting more.

Anyway…..stay healthy and get crushing those live games.

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